Who is not selling online?

Now a days everyone is selling online. Either having products or services. Few years ago teachers used to taught only in school or in coaching classes. Now you can see a lot of sites are there offering online education having video tutorials and good solutions or the activities as well as practice exercises.

So Teachers cant say the they are not selling their services. Teachers are selling their education services by the same way lawyers, doctors, engineers, builders, architectures, astrologers … belonging each and every sector we cant imagine proper business with out online. Every one is selling here in this world- Whether products or services. But selling. Each every business either connected to the online market or can be connect – directly or indirectly depends upon it.

Only thing needed is punctuality of time and good service as well as regularity.  If your product or services are superior in the market then don’t worry about the competition. Always be the best not alternate. There is no alternate of the best.


Free Classified Online Adds Can Grow your business

Some times a needle can do which sword can’t. So don’t underestimate the small things which are easily available to you.  It doesn’t matter your business is small or bit, your business is online or offline, it would be better to register your business on Google, quicker, olx ……on free classified add provider or search engines with map. It will also help you  to grow your business. Although you are doing an offline business but you can get more customers by registering it online, What is wrong? Offline business can grow business with the help of online. If someone is having a hair and beauty saloon.  You know hair can’t be cut online. Either you will have to go to the saloon or call the hair dresser to at your doorstep. But if hair saloon owner thinks- He has nothing to do with online market this is wrong. If his business is registered on google with map and good reviews.  It will help to grow the business. Most of the user having mobile phone an laptop/computers. Most of them searches on Google or bing the service or product they needed. When they are about to search  the service same time in their cell phones they will see the list of the service providers with the reviews. So finally we should register our business at the search engines and the online advertises.


How to Trade in Stock Market

If some one wants to become an investor can earn from stock market but if you trade just like a gambler as far as I can think all over performance will be negative. So Be a trader or investor never become a gambler. Divide your capital into ten equal parts and invest in ten different growing sector.

First of all open a trading account. Then before trading it would be better to learn about market and sectors and how they are affected. There are several reasons to up and down so always study books magazines and articles regarding business. Always keep eyes on the companies there work, revenue they are getting.

There are a lot of software available in the market for live data and analysis. I personally experienced the Japanese Candlesticks pattern is good one to understand the market bearish and bullish signal. Software provides only guidelines Don’t trade blindly relying upon software.  If you have a good software to suggest you about bearish and bullish trade. First use the software and do a paper work as well as a deep observation and study is required to learn how to understand software signals.

There are a lot of tips provider but most of them are only earning money by the monthly advance charges from the clients and provide tips but no one will be there to share your loss. Now a days it is very hard to judge who is real tips provider and who is fake. So develop your skill first to understand about the market. Get a long experience and try to earn with 10% of your capital. Always keep stop loss while trading intra-day.

Discipline must be there in your business as well as in your life. Without discipline no one can win. So after getting a long experience, Trade but with discipline as I have told to strictly follow the stop loss.

Supply and Demand is the oldest factor about pricing up and down. Try to understand it- If the number of shares up for sale is more, one should not buy the stock . Analysis is required.

When the price of a stock starts falling, people buy more to average out. In trading, it’s a strict ‘No’. “As a professional trader, I would never average out. It’s a losing trade. The trade is going bad. I would rather wait for the right time to enter again.



Making Money is not so easy but not a hard task

Now a day’s online market is at the top floor. If you are a seller or a small manufacturer you can sell your products online. There are a lot of stores where you can register your business and start selling your products there. Your sales volume will totally depend on your product quality and the rates you offer. If you can compete the market in quality and rates then there are no worries about sales and revenue. So regarding the online business, If I ask some about online- People come to think about scams are going on around. There are a lot of advertisement on internet and newspapers how to earn money online but before starting please be ensure about the work you are doing, with whom you are doing, the nature of work. If someone is demanding money from you to setup your online business or if he/she is claiming that after paying money you will get a lot of work at home – It means you are going to be scammed. So first of all you will have to decide what you want to do, which field do you like most? Suppose if you are a good content writer, you can sell your content, you can write content for those who needed it. By the same way if you are good web developer you can register your business on Google and Just Dial or some other sites. It would be better if you have your own website having full detail of the services you are providing.  Search Engine Optimizer will also help you to increase your reach to the common people.

The technical service providers just like designers or web developers or software developers can register themselves to the freelancer or some equal lent platform where you can find online work/projects easily. Only need to bid there and work/project will go to the lowest bidder.